Day of the Zombie Download PC Game Full Version Direct Links

Day of the Zombie Download PC Game Full Version Direct Links 

Language: English
Size: 966.60 MB
Genre: Action
Year: 2009
Manufacturer: BrainBox Games
Day of the Zombie - The game is a shooter in which we are not killing zombies have higher intelligence. In front of us is another parody of Left4Dead - and unfortunately this game is not similar to the famous meotkhedita Survival Horrors.
In Day of the Zombie you play a student searching for his girlfriend, a janitor protecting his school and a soldier left behind. Zombies are taking over the school. From guns to axes, you face off the zombies over the stories of all 3 characters.
There are 12 singleplayer levels which will see you fight your way through campus, school halls, the dorms, dock and many more areas.
The game comes with 6 invasion maps where the goal is to stay alive as long as possible with the help of other players. There are 3 deathmatch maps and 2 capture the flag maps as well. The deathmatch and capture the flag are similar to other games with the catch that there are also zombies everywhere in the levels to try to kill you.
I backed up and shot off the last round from my bazooka. The missile arched through the air and eight zombies exploded in a mass of blood and bones. An X8 score multiplier appeared above my fallen foes. But more were coming. I scrolled through my weapons quickly, selecting the shotgun. I gunned down two more zombies but a third one dropped down from above me and proceeded to turn me into a zombie; time to start the level all over again. Such is life in Zombies Ruined My Day a colorful new 2D shooter developed by Mancebo Games.
The story here is limited. Basically, your hero is finally going to ask the girl of his dreams out when the zombie apocalypse occurs. This sets our hero off on a quest to save his wanna-be girlfriend. Ok fine. I realize this is a small game but come on guys. Couldn’t you have come up with something more interesting than the typical damsel in distress story line?
The graphics aren’t going to blow you away either but Zombies does (at times) feature a colorful and imaginative style. Unlike most zombie games which attempt a certain amount of realism, Zombies goes for a cartoon look. All of the different zombies are animated well even showing signs of damage as you shoot them. The levels themselves are rather plain with the exception of the carnival level which features a night sky filled with stars, a giant moon, and a rollercoaster can be seen in the background still running.
Like everything else about Zombies, the gameplay is pretty simple. You use the A and D buttons (on PC) to move laterally, the space bar to jump, and the mouse to aim and shoot. Zombies appear at various intervals and it is your job to kill them all before they get to you. The developers have added several different zombie types such as construction worker who drop barriers and military zombies who drop grenades, uzis, and shotguns. These different types add some much needed strategy to the gameplay. If I kept dying at a certain point, I would go back and adjust my gameplay by maybe conserving a certain type of ammo or placing a barrier in a different spot.
If you decide to pick up this game, prepare for a challenge. The game can be pretty unforgiving. One hit and your hero is dead. This can get frustrating at times when you have fought your way through almost 200 zombies only to die to one right near the end. However, despite the challenge, I never felt the game was being unfair. If I died, it was my fault and I would adjust my playing the next round. The one complaint I do have is that the jumping mechanic feels a little floaty. During the carnival level there is a zombie that comes at you in a bumper car and you have to jump to avoid it. You have to time the jump EXACTLY right or else you will die. This can be frustrating having gone through half the level and having to restart the entire thing because the jump wasn’t perfect.
It isn’t anything revolutionary but, if you are up for a challenge or are just itching to kill more zombies, you could do a lot worse.

Day of the Zombie Download PC Game System Requirements

Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7
Intel Pentium 4 1.8 Ghz
GeForce 5600 128 Мб (SM 2.0)

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