Black Knight Sword

Black Knight Sword is a fresh, modern and interactive interpretation of a dark fantasy fairy tale: The Black Knight is led by the sword fairy through a whimsical world of eye-­catching environments filled with curious looking creatures, only to discover who really caused the nightmare tragedy that he now finds himself trapped in…

An escape from darkness… by stealing hearts.

A throwback to the classic platformers for the 8 and 16-­bit era of games, Black Knight Sword harkens a simpler time when simple yet addictive and challenging gameplay dominated the scene. Join the Black Knight in this fairy tale quest to defeat the Evil White Princess in an imaginative world brought to life in true Grasshopper Manufacture and Suda 51 style.


A Unique Blend of Old and New, Classic and Fresh:

  • Gameplay – Side-­scrolling action gameplay coupled with quirky, whimsical content will deliver an experience that is both familiar and fresh
  • Storytelling – An “Interactive Kamishibai (paper drama)” unfolds as the player progresses through the theatrical stages a la pop-­‐up book controlled with a controller
  • Visual Style -­ Step into a highly stylized hand-­drawn puppet theater world inspired by Eastern European animation
  • A Suda 51 Fairy Tale – A spin on classic fairy tales of old, the Black Knight must free the world from the rule of a tyrannical princess
  • Unleash the fury of the Black Hellebore: Use the sword fairy’s spirits to solve puzzles and carve a bloody path through the Princess’ minions
  • Stagecraft feel – Players are transported to the theater through sound designed to capture and convey the moment, mimicking a live play and orchestra
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    Black Knight Sword Trailer

    Black Knight Sword

    Publisher: Digital Reality
    Developer: Grasshopper Manufacture
    Genre: Action 
    Release Date: February 2012
    Available on: PlayStation 3 , Xbox 360 
    RP for Rating Pending