Top Gun: Hard Lock

Based on Paramount Pictures' classic film, Top Gun: Hard Lock is set in the present day with a brand new story line and new wave of elite naval aviators fresh out of the Top Gun academy. Gamers fly right back into the danger zone for a jet propelled flight combat adventure with all the flair of a modern day action blockbuster.


Top Gun: Hard Lock is aerial dog-fighting at jet speeds and tailgating MiGs at Mach 2, while offering a unique "Hard Lock" mode where players perform air combat maneuvers that deliver an explosively satisfying visual payoff that brings them right into the action. Featuring the legendary F-14 Tomcat fighter jet and a number of additional licensed planes and weapons, and more than enough enemy MIGs to turn into smoldering rubble, the game is carefully mixed with just enough nostalgic references to remain true to its action movie roots.


Hard Lock Mode: The Hard Lock mode allows players to engage the enemy during dogfights, enabling them to lock on to targets and unleash their powerful arsenal of weapons.

Challenging Missions: The single-player story campaign offers 15 challenging missions set across diverse backdrops.

Multiplayer: Fans of multiplayer are well catered for too, with three distinct modes for up to 16 players.

Fancy Flying: Top Gun Hard Lock offers one of the most accessible and exciting aerial arcade action games this generation. Officially licensed aircraft include iconic jets such as the F14D Super Tomcat, F22 Raptor and F/A-18F Super Hornet.


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Top Gun: Hard Lock

Genre: Flight Action 
Publisher: 505 Games
Developer: Headstrong Games
Release Date:
Mar 6, 2012 (US)
Available on: PC , Xbox 360 , PlayStation 3 
T for Teen: Language, Violence