Need For Speed - Shift 2 Unleashed Game

Need For Speed Shift 2 Unleashed builds on the true driving experience that the NFS franchise is renown for by introducing the driver's battle, an even more authentic and primal feeling of power and speed which elevates the fundamental competitive race into a struggle for supremacy against other drivers and even the track itself. In Shift 2 Unleashed, players' hands sweat and ache as they clutch onto the controller, their pulse races from the break-neck speeds experienced through the first-person cockpit view.


Shift 2 Unleashed features an all-new rendering engine with a massive graphics overhaul that puts the player in the heart of the racing action. With an innovative helmet camera view simulating the physical experience of driving at 200mph, the thrilling experience of night racing and authentic degradation of tracks and cars, this is tomorrow's sim for today’s adrenaline fueled racer. Shift 2 Unleashed also incorporates the next generation of Need for Speed Autolog -- the groundbreaking network that connects friends for epic head-to-head races and compares player stats for the ultimate social racing competition.

SHIFT 2 Unleashed is the sequel to the award-winning Need For Speed SHIFT. Returning to the track to offer the most visceral racing experience around, SHIFT 2 Unleashed improves on the original with an overhauled graphics engine, improved physics and handling, and a deeper career that allows you to specialize in the kind of racing you enjoy most. It’s the only racing game that focus on the true brutality of racing a high-powered car; the driver’s battle.

Tracks degrade throughout the race, collisions litter the track with debris and show off extensive damage, and the trademark head movements, crash effects and vibrations have been expanded upon with the new helmet cam, with its innovative tilt and look to apex features. The Autolog system takes competition with your friends to the next level, allowing you to easily compete against and share nearly every aspect of your racing career, from photos to laptimes.

Night racing offers the true terror of driving into the pitch black of the night, your way illuminated only by your headlights, and with real world drivers and race series, plus a hand-picked selection of the world’s greatest cars and tracks to choose from, SHIFT 2 Unleashed will set the bar for realistic and exhilarating racing.



Shift 2 - Unleashed

Shift 2 - UnleashedShift 2 - UnleashedShift 2 - Unleashed

Published by: Electronic Arts
Developed by: Slightly Mad Studios
Genre: Racing
Release Date:
US: March 29, 2011
Japan: March 2011
MSRP: $59.99
E10+ for Everyone 10+: Mild Suggestive Themes, Mild Violence
Available On: Xbox 360, PC, PS3, iPhone, iPad

      Download Here!
Shift 2 - Unleashed [Download]
Shift 2 - Unleashed [Download]


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